HMBIA Rules are pulled from
HACSA did not write nor play any part in deciding on these rules.  The regulations in the following documents come specifically and only from and can be retrieved by anyone with internet access.  These documents have not been altered in any way. 

Main Categories


HMBIA Rules for Longsword Duels

Sword and Shield

HMBIA Rules for Sword and Shield Duels


HMBIA Rules for Polearm Duels

Other Duel Categories

Sword and Buckler

HMBIA Rules for Sword and Buckler


HMBIA Rules for the Triathalon

Duel Category Regulations

HMBIA Duel Category Regulations


Sword and Dagger

HMBIA Rules for Sword and Dagger

Two Handed Sword 

HMBIA Rules for Two Handed Sword

Bataille De Lions

HMBIA Rules for the Specific Bataille De Lions Duel Category

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